PrOp IdeaBase App

PrOp IdeaBase Collaborative Idea Generation

A collaborative online idea generation tool that provokes out of the box thinking

  • PrOp IdeaBase enables ongoing, highly productive idea generation sessions where everyone you invite collaborates when inspiration strikes.
  • Don’t just collect ideas – actively provoke creative thinking with PrOp IdeaBase’s powerful idea generation method, easy to use creativity tools, and online creativity skills training.
  • Get more on-target, creative ideas. Helps those who feel “non-creative” contribute ideas. Engages all team members from the most reserved to the most outgoing – Everyone gets an equal voice. Team members collaborate when it is most convenient, and save time by having all the information and ideas in one place

PrOp Innovative Thinking System

PrOp Innovative Thinking System

A complete set of simple principles and tools that helps you create and foster a culture that enables the best creative and innovative thinking from all employees as they solve problems and take advantage of opportunities.

  • Our implementers train and coach leaders to create and nurture a culture that encourages everyone to generate more and better creative innovative solutions to all problems and opportunities while maintaining focus on execution and productivity.
  • Our workshops and online courses train employees to generate better creative, innovative on-target ideas for all problems & opportunities.
  • IdeaBase – an online collaborative idea generation tool that provokes out of the box thinking.
  • Inspiration resources and a private LinkedIn PrOp community.